NOVA Staffing International

Our mission is to transform the way healthcare professionals are employed in North America.  NOVA Staffing International (NSI) strive to find the ‘best International Nursing talent available’.  Nurses who are passionate and professional, and who aspire to work with high quality, world class Healthcare providers.  Our Nurses seek a progressive, collaborative and positive workplace, where they can experience a dynamic, educational and rewarding workplace environment.  NSI specialize with solutions at Nursing Assistants and Clinical Nursing Assistant levels to support our partners operating world class Senior Care, Memory Care or Specialist Care facilities.

We are first and foremost a leading North American Nursing Employer and dedicated educator of bilingual foreign nurses, seeking a stable 3-year working assignment within World Class Healthcare facilities.  The ‘NSI Pathway‘ provides market leading incentives and professional development opportunities for BSN Nursing Graduates that are unparalleled in the North American Healthcare market today. 

NSI is on a mission to facilitate the empowerment, training, and education of our nurses who are engaged with our first-class healthcare service partners, delivering cutting-edge solutions within state-of-the-art facilities.

The perfect place for a Healthcare Professional

Current talent selection processes in many markets do not showcase a nurses individual strengths and personality.  We identify and embrace your unique qualities, and focus on respecting your passion for your clients, your peers, and your commitment to the care and service delivery.  We understand you want to work in quality environments to best match your passion and vocational commitment to your nursing career, and to be provided with an outstanding career pathway.

At NSI, we continue to grow your skills from your current level of nursing qualifications and work experience, and promote and develop your talents to ensure you receive outstanding ‘on-the- job’ training to achieve optimal success in your nursing career.  The NSI team will ensure you receive our full support from your first career enquiry with us, through to your North American initial induction, training and job placement.  We will help you in all career aspects, from advising you on how to best prepare and present to your new workplace, and our team extend their support to ensure you are well settled in your new facility, and engage within your local NSI Nurse peers and wider community.  Our relocation experts will take the time to understand your needs and then help you through each step of the application process.



As you train towards your CNA qualification, and potentially further progress towards the NCLEX Registration later in your ‘NSI Pathway’ program, you will be continually supported by our NSI team to further develop your nursing skills through our strategic healthcare facility partnerships.


Work and learn at world-class Senior Care, Memory Care and Specialist Care facilities along with talented healthcare professionals and highly skilled nursing leaders and mentors.


NSI will ensure you have a unique and exciting North American lifestyle experience, developing your professional skills and your social and community network,  whilst working towards challenging and developing your career and personal goals in this phase of your North American career.

What we offer

Our NSI Nursing Support staff are available and ready to discuss your exciting North American career opportunities, including in-depth information that will ensure your confident in your decision to join the NSI team within North America! 

We offer education and professional opportunities during the full 3-year term of the first contract,  initially completing your induction to the North American facility and local community, complemented by your commencement and graduation to the Clinical Nursing Assistant (CNA).  Further into your initial term will be your completion of the TOEFL and NCLEX training and qualification program,  leading to more choice and wider opportunities within our ‘Acute Care RN NSI pathway‘.

We help you gain and achieve these opportunities and qualifications, supported by a compelling package of NSI support services, financial subsidies, industry competitive salary package and benefits. 


NSI Management

We are a professional team, committed to caring for your needs and professional development within NSI in North America.  Our Corporate Support team include Management, Nursing and Operations staff to provide you with support during your time with NSI, linking with your facility managers to ensure you have the care and support to be the best you can in your time with NSI.  You will of course be provided full support to ensure your salary and other conditions are delivered accurately and timely, respectful of your hard efforts and professional commitment to your Nursing challenges.

Relocation Assistance

NSI are committed to you and your transition and relocation to North America. This includes the initial costs of your flights to NSI North America, and  our friendly and personal greeting upon arrival.  We then provide you transportation and acclimatization to your new premium short-stay accommodation which is fully funded for your first 3 months of employment by NSI.  In addition, we provide support to establish your personal set-up, such as advice and coordination for your banking accounts, with NSI having a partner solution with a tier one bank to help streamline your needs.  We can also provide advice on other personal or family needs such as schooling and spousal career advice as part of your overall integration.   


We guarantee our commitment to providing you a positive and supportive environment within NSI,  a proactive team-based culture where we will create relationships for you with other NSI Nursing staff who may well be part of your new facility or same premium short-stay accommodation provided by NSI. Rest assured we are ever-present to help at any stage of this exciting new career journey.

NSI are a growing company with our USA headquarters in Austin, Texas, and our Nurse Sourcing Team based in Puerto Rico, Australia and the Philippines.

Other than you, do you know the perfect nurse who would like to work in the USA with NOVA Staffing International? 

If so, please let them know about NSI.  Why not get your Nursing friends to join you in North America to work together at our healthcare partner facilities and grow your exciting careers together!


  • Health insurance plus discount programs.
  • Nursing liability insurance.
  • 3-month complementary housing.
  • Community orientation.
  • Employment support for partners.
  • Initial flight relocation to North America
  • School enrollment for minor dependents.

Let us invest in your future


Travel to North America


Relocation assistance. 


Your first 3 months of 
housing is paid by NSI.


We offer you medical and nursing liability 


English training and 
TOEFL preparation.


NCLEX preparation and 
registration for the exam.


State licensing


World class healthcare facilities and on the job development and programs to secure higher level career opportunities.