Our CEO has a track record of running successful long-term sustainable workforce planning programs in Australia in the acute and senior care sector.  In doing so, our CEO has been instrumental in solving the long-term chronic shortages within regional and rural Australia, particularly in the senior care sector.

10 years later in 2018, we recognized the USA healthcare market is chronically short of Nurses within a range of States across America.  We are now on a mission to connect Puerto Rican Nurses to these life changing opportunities.

NSI is not a recruitment company, we are proud employers and sponsors of our highly educated, professional nurses that provide long term and sustainable nursing care for our clients.

We offer education and professional opportunities during a full 3 years term, assisting our Nurses GROW and get their qualifications, WORK and learn in world class facilities and LIVE and embed our nurses into a exciting North American lifestyle.





We are a professional team, committed to caring for your needs and professional development across the USA.

Our Corporate Support team include Management, Nursing and Operations staff to provide you with support during your time with NSI, linking you with your facility managers to ensure you have the care and support to be the best you can in your time with NSI.


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